• Why Kids Quit Sports: Reversing the Trend

    A 2004 study done by the Youth Sports Institute at Michigan State listed some of the reasons why kids are quitting sports. Let’s look at four of the reasons, and discuss some ways we may be able to reverse the trend.

  • How to Build a Wall

    Listen to almost any coach or athlete heading into a new season and the word “goals” is likely to come up. Goals around team chemistry, improvement on the court/field, and winning. Goals are tough. They demand us to challenge ourselves, to develop a plan for success, and to persevere. But they're important at helping us grow. We may not always think to look at the Bible when it comes to advice for reaching our goals, but there's some sage advice to be found in the scriptures. Most notably, looking at the life of Nehemiah.

  • The Gift of Rest

    As God rested from his great work, we are also told to rest from ours. Many of us have a hectic work-life imbalance. We spend a lot of time at work or thinking about work. We have means of being contacted 24/7 by anyone. Finding rest is hard. But why?