Upward Sports Announces Redesigned, Rebranded "Upward Sports Team Shop"

Spartanburg - February 21, 2014 - Upward Sports is excited to announce the launch of the new Upward Sports Team Shop , its redesigned and rebranded online store with a new selection of offerings that enhance and reinforce the values of the 360 Progression. 

Driven by a commitment to staying relevant to sports apparel trends, Upward Sports focused on messaging that emphasized and supported its sports ministry vision.

"We are always looking for ways to share the Upward Sports mission: promoting the discovery of Jesus through sports," said Caz McCaslin, president & founder of Upward Sports. "Our best advertisement is word-of-mouth, and the best conversation starter is Upward Sports gear. I hope everyone who is passionate about sharing Jesus through something as simple as a ball, and merchandise, would check out Upward Sports Team Shop on the web."

Upward Sports identified a need for its merchandise to support its mission of winning hearts for Christ through sports and building total athletes. 

Always looking for ever-changing ways to share a never-changing message, Upward Sports believes that its cutting-edge designs and more intentional messaging will allow players, parents, and church partners to better communicate their alignment with Upward Sports and with the companys vision. 

New product offerings include: t-shirts; sweatshirts; hats; youth apparel; promotional items for church partners; merchandise for volunteers; merchandise for family members (parents, grandparents, etc.); cups; sports bags; and more. 

To check out the updated store, visit www.upwardsportsteamshop.com.