Drawn In - Jeff Erwin's Story

Jeff Erwin's Story Jeff Erwin
Scotsdale Baptist Church, El Paso, TX

I was asked to coach my son’s first season after the original coach backed out. My family wasn't even a member of this church, and the call was pretty unexpected. But they took us in and were so nice there, and we had such a great season that we started going to this church! Four years later I am now the Coach and Referee Commissioner for our leagues, and my wife is the Cheer Commissioner. If it hadn't been for the love and commitment we saw through this program, and the way these people were so open and unashamed of their faith, I'm just not sure where my family would be, or if we would even be in a church home. Call it a God moment, call it whatever you want - whatever it was, it has led my family to a much better life.