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Upward Sports is proud to offer two distinct divisions of youth programming. Both divisions are built on the foundations of the 360 Progression - the uniquely designed sports experience that develops TOTAL athletes mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially.

Each level includes programming for one-day clinics, camps, specialized training academies, and full-season leagues.

The comprehensive approach of the 360 Progression creates individuals with strong character, confidence, and faith. Whenever athletes participate in an Upward Sports program, they are a part of the 360 Progression - regardless of age, skill level, program type, or how long they participate in the programs.

Recreation Division

Are you a CHURCH looking to connect with your community through sports ministry?

Designed for athletes in kindergarten through 8th grade, Recreation sports programs focus on building a healthy competitive spirit and the foundations for each athlete's personal journey.

If your church has a heart for using our programs to promote the discovery of Jesus through sports, let us know you would like to start a recreation program.